concede and contend

The pattern is used most often when voicing different opinions concerning facts not to be contested. With ” . . . v 是 v”, you concede to something as true, followed by keshi . . . (however). For example,

可乐好喝是好喝可是不健康。Coke is tasty, but no healthy.

这件衬衫漂亮是漂亮可是太大了。It is true that the shirt is pretty, but it is too big.

下雪好看是好看可是路太滑了。 Snowing is pretty to look at, but the road is slippery.

Translate the following:

  1. It’s true that film was uninteresting, but I was happy to see it with my girlfriend.
  2. It’s true that book is expensive, but we have to buy it.
  3. This cellphone (手机) is indeed inexpensive, but is is too big.
  4. It is true that the food of this restaurant is delicious, but there are too many people.
  5. It is true that she has not been to college, but she is very smart (聪明)
  6. It’s true that his car is very old, but it is free of problems (问题)
  7. It’s true that her friends are many, but they all live (住) far away.
  8. Winter here is indeed not cold, but the weather is not comfortable. (舒服)
  9. It’s true that she slept early last night, but she didn’t sleep well.
  10. Flying is indeed fast, but not as safe as driving. (安全)

In addition to 除了 . . . 以外,  . . . 还/也 . . . 

例子:除了以外,他们今天考试没考好。Besides me, they too tested badly today. 

  • In addition to cola, he also likes to drink coffee.
  • Other than Monday and Wednesday, we also have Chinese class on Friday. 
  • Besides singing and dancing, my kid brother also often plays basketball.
  • In addition to writing characters, we also must listen to Chinese recording. 
  • Besides England and France, I also want to go to China. 

With the exception of  除了 . . . 以外,  . . . 都 . . . 


Other than dad, everyone in my family likes Chinese food. 

  • Other than me, they all speak English. 
  • Besides my girlfriend, everybody likes that shirt.
  • Other than coffee, he drinks everything.
  • Besides this pair of pants, all my clothes are new.
  • Other than Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have class everyday.