Course description and procedures


The course is a continuation of Intermediate Chinese Level I. The goal of this course is to train you to function successfully in Chinese society. If you are interested in interacting with Chinese people in a way that will permit you to pursue professional goals in some segments of that society, you need to learn how to present yourself in a way that a Chinese person will find comfortable. When a Chinese has to adapt to you, it is not likely that you can accomplish what you intend to do in China. Given some of you are going to China in the near future, we endorse performance-based learning and assessment, and stress oral communication and writing online as steps to ready yourself for HSK tests.  

这门课是中级中文第一学期的继续. 训练的目的是让你们在中国社会生活不出现问题。如果你打算在中国生活,而且有所作为,你就必须说好中文,让中国人觉得跟你交谈很舒服。要是中国人老得去凑合你,那你就不容易成功。为了作到这一点,我们这门课强调口语交流。

We will pay attention to the way you behave as much as we attend to your use of the language. In order to do this, you will have to perform. You performance is the focus of this course. Whether you are speaking, reading, or writing, your daily performance will be the crucial factor in how well you do in this class. You are by now accustomed to performing in Chinese in class, we will continue to build on this until you are comfortable using the language in front of strangers.

For the highly motivated and under-challenged in this class, you may consider doing some extra translations to score bonus points. They may very well be the beginning or part of your junior I.S. projects.

我们会注意你说中文是否说得正确; 为了能作到这一点,我们要求你常常表演。不管是说话,阅读,还是写作,你们的表现就是这门课的重点,也决定了你们这门课的成绩。现在你们已经习惯在班上说中文了;我们还要你们在这方面继续努力,最后能在陌生人面前很自由地说中文。